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    I was thinking of starting up something with an OotS-themed name to serve as a general Playground guild. "Knights of the Green Hilt" or something.
    I've set up the guild "The Order Of The Green Hilt" with the tag [GitP] to serve as a general Playground guild. Post here or send me or TheLightWraith.1846 a message in-game if you want to join, and let me know if you want to be an officer (see below for ranks). Remember that you can join cross-server, and you can belong to multiple guilds.


    There is now more granularity in ranks, in no small part because I wanted to follow a theme with the names. The available ranks are as follows, with higher ranks having all the privileges of the lower ones:

    Seneschal		-Build Guild Upgrades
    Commander          	-Claim/unclaim WvWvW forts, Trove
    Marshal			-Activate Guild Upgrades
    Knight			-Recruit
    Squire			-Use Stash, New Members Here
    Some of these privileges refer to upgrades we don't have yet.
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