Without looking at Wero, Rahja answers swiftly not seeming intimidated one bit. She has more important things to worry about right now than the accusations of a dragon. "Don't be foolish, even if I could do that and wanted to do that, I wouldn't stick around and chat. All I told you is what I could glean from Salin's madness, which feared a lot of things, like a 'Boiler Man' soon ruling a vast draconic empire, himself standing in a corner with a different face and not being able to find the words and warn his leaders of what was to come, in addition to what you already know. That is all and I feel these 'ramblings' should not be taken lightly."

Turning to Celestica, Rahja nods curtly. "While I'm no real 'servant', Shelyn watches over me, so it seems we have something in common." Running into the faithful of another goddess of love is hardly an unwelcome coincidence. Another glance is cast skywards, then back to Celestica. "Can you fly? I'd like to examine the crack from a closer distance."