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    Usabhar is quiet as Rahja performed her magic. He notes a more surprised look as he sees Salin return to normal yet there was also a moment of a creeping sensation that came from this. Even if it only lasted a moment. He waits for the other dwarf to say something before shaking his head slowly, both in disbelief and in annoyance that the dwarf doesn't know who Usabhar is. "Your answers can wait General. Right now you have a lot to answer for and a woman to thank." The dwarf couldn't find time to introduce Rahja to Salin as the former suddenly disappears. Not only that but Wero also decides to take off after a seemingly unimportant earthquake occurs. Considering it has attracted the attention of two notably powerful people already, this was no simply earthquake. Usabhar takes Salin's arm and begins dragging him outside. "You have a lot to explain General."

    Heading outside, Usabhar notices Wero, Rahja, and the elf, Celestica all outside. He notices the crack in the sky immediately after. "Heavenly... What manner of power is this? There is not a blade great enough to cleave the sky as so." He makes a quick look to Salin and wonders if there is a possible connection. He gives a deep "Hmph," as the suggestion of flying is mentioned. "If we shall take a closer look at this 'wound' in the sky, then I will be able to head up there without the assistance of the High Lord." He raises his hand into the air, indication a call sign of some sort.

    Moments later, the couatl in the sky flies down to the group. Her eyes and angelic wings centered on Usabhar. "Paragon," she begins in a very soft, yet focused tone, "The magnitude above ground is much greater than it is for those with feet. Not even great Keltahkonkmet could perform a feat this drastic. If you wish to take to the skies for a closer examination I suggest full due caution." She slowly looks towards Wero and bows her head. "Pardon my intrusion High Lord. I am Wernasiriditekilek, or Nasiri as I am sometimes addressed. I am at your command as much as I am at Usabhar's on your land."
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