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    Default Re: The Ultimate Conflict (Of Havens and Empires) IC

    Rahja chuckles as well at Celestica's little joke, raises her eyebrows in a Oh, I see kind of way at the mention about Wero and offers a small smile before shaking her head. "I appreciate it, but I just wanted to know if you would have liked to join me." At that, brilliant streams of light emerge from Rahja's back and align in a roughly wing-like form, also making the white intricate mark on her back shine through her clothes. "I'll be right back. But before I go, a small precaution."

    Concentrating briefly and whispering in her ethereal dual voice, Rahja outstretches her arms. Healing energy flows through her and those around her. One might think this to be a foolish act, since they are at the height of their health, but to their surprise, they find their health fortified and their bodies and minds brimming with energy. Once she is done, Rahja bends her knees as if she winds up for a jump, her "wings" also lowering to the ground. As she propels herself upwards, the aasimar blinks out of existance again, only to appear far above again, much closer to the sky. She hums to herself as she likes to do to concentrate and calm her mind, suffusing her heart with the purest of emotions and feelings in this time of crisis, examining the scar in front of her.

    ((Everyone, read the spoiler tag!))
    As an FYI, Rahja teleports with Greater Teleport from her Boots of the Open Road. She activates her "Ring of Solar Wings" blessing for flight speed of 150ft. (perfect). She also summons her buckler via the shield's Called special ability.

    She casts Mass Cure Light Wounds on the whole group (not expending a spell slot due to her Everflowing Energy class feature, as it is a level 4 spell for Healers).
    (11d8+175)[211] HP worth of healing for every target (enhanced by Healer's Blessing and Improved Healer's Blessing, maximum range doubled as per Widen Spell due to Boundless Healing)

    Every target gains 100 temporary hit points (as per Overcharge) that last for 10 minutes. Every 10 of those THP grant the target a +1 morale bonus to attack rolls, saving throws and skill checks, up to +10 for the full 100 THP.

    In addition, every target gains THP equal to half the amount of HP the spell would heal (as per Improved Overcharge), so 105 THP. These stack with the Overcharge THP above and also last 10 minutes, but they do not increase the morale bonuses above +10!
    -------- END OF IMPORTANT PART --------

    Rahja performs normally through her humming, using her subsonics feat to make it just below hearing.
    Due to that, she adds her Charisma modifier to her AC and saving throws (as per Master Performer).

    In addition, she uses Weave Emotions (Anticipation) and Weave Feelings (Optimism, Love) on herself, for:

    a +10 bonus to initiative and AC and never being denied her Dex bonus to AC while mobile and conscious,

    as well as rolling 3d20 whenever she rolls a d20 and adding the sums together (if one d20 comes up as a 20, the roll is considered a natural 20)

    and finally acting like she is under the effects of a haste spell and granting a +5 morale bonus to AC and saves to all adjacent creatures that are friendly or helpful towards Rahja.

    Here are a few skill checks to identify what is going on:
    Knowledge (arcana): (3d20+64)[11][3][10](88)
    Knowledge (the planes): (3d20+64)[17][8][8](97)
    Knowledge (religion): (3d20+64)[14][4][11](93)
    Spellcraft: (3d20+54)[16][16][9](95)

    Current stats:
    AC: 98
    Fort/Ref/Will: +59/+63/+68
    Initiative: +26
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