The forge of war
The date is Ayrth 13, 993YK
As cold blankets the land no rain has fallen in over a week, this is a dire omen indeed. Rumors of soothsayers gone mad abound, Stories tell of a traveling fortune reader who clawed her eyes out and ran screaming into the night never to be seen again; of a diviner in the city of towers who jumped out of a window plunging to his death after catching a glimpse of something unknown.
Meanwhile the war goes on.
As thousands clash in the east over Khorvaire, Breland's alliance with Thrane stands strong. Both countries are mustering their forces for a joint invasion of Cyr. As recruitment offices in Sharn and Wroat redouble their efforts, recruitment wagons cross the country stopping at villages looking for able bodies and sharp minds. House Deneith opens its doors wide as new contingents of mercenairies are made ready for hire by all who can pay the price.


Please discribe yourself as one of the following
-Arriving at a recruitment center in a major city
-A recruitment wagon attracts your attention in your village square
-Arriving in a Deneith enclave and introducing yourself to your fellow mercenaries
-Those from Dragonmarked houses I have a different start for in mind so please wait out abit, this doesn't count for Aberant marks, house Deneith also conducts full examinations of potentional mercs so hiding your mark would be next to impossible.
-Warforge have already been bought and will likely enter at the same time as the dragonmarked houses