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    Of course I am not as bad as I used to be. You actually know me now. The High Lord looks back seeing Rahja grow wings, then dissapear again. For now though, I appear to be unnecessary. His thoughts turn to what was supposedly said from the madman while he was still alive. The boiler man? Is that some sort of construct, or perhaps the working class holds an individual of immense power? Over the course of Eclipsian history there have been an uncountable number of attempted usurpations of the High Lordship (The Emperor's Throne, for now anyways, remains forever empty) though only three attempts have ever come close. Whatever is happening is powerful enough to crack the sky and send tremors throughout the ground. And there is too little information. Lord Wero seriously considers recreating the circumstances of the General's madness, if only to gain the insight of a maniac who at least seemed to know what was going on.

    Or to undo the magic that created these problems in the first place. Whatever comes first.

    Upon the Couatl's introduction, Lord Wero gives little more than a quick nod of acknowledgment to her, really more preoccupied watching the crack in expectance of it doing something.
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