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    Default Re: The Ultimate Conflict (Of Havens and Empires) IC

    The cracks reminded Lord Wero of a glass sphere being broken. Only problem was that the cracks were getting larger and they were in reality itself.
    There is no way Rahja would, even accidentally be a cause of this. This is probably even beyond the abilities of that damned Archmagister Prime.
    No. The High Lord shakes his head
    It's not nothing. It's reality itself shattering before our eyes. What reveals to us upon its shattering may as well be nothing, or rather the void between worlds where nothing can exist. He says this surprisingly matter-of-factly.

    Unless we know what the cause is and how to put an end to it we will have to abandon this world to its apocalypse. He turns to Salin. General, you will tell me everything you remember.

    And Prince Zurkar and entourage are searching for the Governor
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