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    Alias: Agneau, Fish-head, Honeysuckle

    Description: A roughly thirteen-year-old looking boy with black hair. He wears many different forms of clothing, but you are most likely to spot him in white pajamas and barefoot. Around fairies and in fae lands his hair turns from raven black to shimmering golden blond.

    Personality: He's very childish and happy. His raising in fae environs has given hin a weirdly cheery outlook on the world. Although he's young and tends to be silly, he's oddly verbose and clever, able to strike up deals among the fairies since a young age. He has an obsession with fairy tales and stories, partly because he lives one himself.

    Abilities: Alfred's primary power is described as "The voice of the Prince" by his fair-mother. It's actually a powerful suggestive magic that can force some people, and especially certain fae, to follow his commands. It's noted by Gold Bold Text.

    By putting his hand to his heart, he can sense where both of his mothers are.

    He's been taught forest survival and fishing by his troll-uncle and Dryad-aunt.

    Backstory: I might link the story thread or write something new entirely here later.
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