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    Quote Originally Posted by happyturtle View Post
    Main Cabin

    Before Justin has finished speaking, Pansy has gotten out of her chair, stopped to step on tiptoe and pat Justin on the cheek, and then headed to the kitchen.

    "Daddy's sandwiches are better than Mommy's, but hers are better than anyone else's except Daddy's," Tito says.

    "It won't be the best though," Lily says. "She won't caramelize the onions and do the mushroom gravy, because that takes longer."

    "There's some gravy left over from..."

    "Nuh-uh. I had it with second breakfast." Lily said. "Sorry Justin. If I'd known you were coming, I'd have saved it for you."

    "Don't worry, Leelee. I'll do up some onions special for Justin sometime."

    "You do really good caramelized onions,"
    Lily says to Tito.

    "Do you swim, Justin? The weather's been perfect."
    Main Cabin

    "Wait, Pans- Gravy? On a sand- Caramel? Like the candy? On onions? No, I've never swam before, but can we rewind a little bit? Second Breakfast? As in more than one?" Okay, the art of sandwich-making, and scheduled eating, is clearly beyond Justin. Another reason he eats either barely edible stuff or junk food.
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