Usabhar's eyebrow raises in astonishment as he watches the cracks spread and move to the ground. Unnatural does not even begin to describe whatever he is seeing. Of him and Nasiri, the couatl is the first to speak. "This is... Impossible to believe." Her calm tone overlays whatever worry or fear she might have. Usabhar on the other hand raises his hand into the air again; this time a mighty lance appears in his hand and he places it on his back using his metal strap. He then looks to Salin. "General, you heard the High Lord. What do you remember?" Usabhar guesses that Salin really doesn't remember anything when Rahja "healed" him. And even if she didn't, Salin would have spoken vague gibberish that would have confused even the wisest of sages.

For a moment, Nasiri looks at Celestica as the elven paladin prays. The couatl closes her eyes for a moment, a motion that Usabhar knows well. It's Nasiri's way of praying to Keltahkonkmet in essence of the mind rather than of words. The dwarf takes a look at Wero in the meantime. "Are there any quick methods of evacuating the populace? It's a waste to simply leave men and woman like this to a voidful end."