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    Actually yes, there is one way. The Purple Dragon says this almost immediately. Apparently he had been considering this idea already, whatever it is.
    My Empire of the Eternal Eclipse is connected by gateways into the Astral Plane that connect world to world in a vast Portal Chamber. The gateway to this world is underneath the Governor's Mansion here. In THEORY we could evacuate my treasury and my city's population through it, but it is a rather...narrow gateway and it takes hours to move a single legion of my Eclipsian warriors through. In my opinion, we would be lucky if we even have one hour. We will be even more lucky if we can evacuate half the city.

    He pauses briefly, hand under his muzzle in thought.
    It is better than nothing, and I suppose my son could create additional portals so more of my people can funnel out. The Portal Chamber should be safe and I can have my beloved Prince relay to my Eternals to evacuate the refugees into my other worlds.
    He pauses in thought again, until turning towards Nasiri.

    You wish to serve me? Then go into my Governor's Mansion and seek out my son, you will know him when you see him. Tell him to have the Portal Chamber opened, and to prepare for an immediate mass evacuation of the city.
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