Nasiri opens her eyes a moment not too soon when Wero speaks to her. Her head moves to eye at his when he orders her. She responds quickly and to the point, "Very well High Lord." In a quick motion, she darts into the mansion like a eagle in a canyon. Her speed will let her move around quickly, though her size may cause some damage to the interior depending on how narrow the various rooms are.

Usabhar, waiting on Salin to say something, looks at the town and the civilians, unsurprisingly in panic as they would be. "A panic like this is only going to complicate escape. Do these people not know courage?" If they would listen, the dwarf could go into a big lecture with each and every frail civilian here about how the dwarves faced annihilation head-on and won. This is the kind of attitude these people have right now that led to the dwarves' fall of their kingdom of Anvion. Usabhar just did not understand why they act so helplessly.

Growling quietly, the dwarf turned to the elven paladin as soon as she is done praying. He hides any sort of praying he might have on his tone and keeps the gruff mood as he asks her, "Celestica, can you do something to get these people to calm down, or better yet, pay attention?" He remembers the elf for being an absolutely amazing performer; surely she can do something. Usabhar also takes a look up to Rahja, as if expecting her to have some sort of plan or assistance ready.