Citizens of the Empire, hear the words of your High Lord. In a sudden motion, the dragon leaps up from the ground, immediately taking to wing, and using his powerful voice to relay His words to the citizenry as he flies over them.

Our world crumbles beneath our feet. Unknown powers seek to undermine my work, your labor, our Empire. But now there shall be no despair. No power, no matter how great, can overcome the will of the High Lord and His people.

If there is chaos in our Empire, then the enemy has already won. As High Lord of the Empire of the Eternal Eclipse, I command you to proceed to the Governor's Mansion and await further commands from myself or the Governor. Proceed with the order and dignity of the Eclipsians, and let our enemies know that they cannot destroy our honor. Relay my words to all who will hear within this world.

Afterwards, he flies back, and lands back in place, his expression that as if nothing had happened.
Problem solved.


Flying around the city, yelling orders. Frightening Presence suppressed

Diplomacy check
Intimidate check