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    Romulus Steelpaw, Shifter Swordsage

    A large, feral form stepped out of the darkness and into the Deneith camp, shadows seemingly coalescing about it. It finally arrived at the bonfire at the center of the bivouac, and revealed itself as a wiry and particularly unkempt Shifter. Though he had no weapons in his possession, he carried himself as though he were still armed. He presented himself to the recruitment officer, and addressed him gruffly.

    "I am Romulus Steelpaw of the Eldeen Reaches. I have survived forty-six days in the wilderness alone, evading Karnnathi patrols. I offer my services as a warrior and scout in exchange for food, lodging, and whatever it is you're paying sellswords at the moment. I'm worth the investment, and I'll happy provide a demonstration," he snarled, casting a glance at the overconfident Valenar Elf he'd followed into camp from a safe stalking distance.
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