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    "Dang, man. Now idea dude used to be a family man, really." But then again, there had apparently been a lot of things he had not known about friends and family, from the looks of things. In between studying some of the photos and pacing about the room - he was unfamiliar with this particular property, having only known Flockton's office in Seattle earlier with the exception of vague hints at there being some other hidey-holes throughout Havensworth proper - Faruq made to check for his suit, his notes from the drive home, and his composure in that order.

    He felt like he would normally have felt on a particular kind of bad hair morning, and his typical remedy - waddling to the fridge in his underwear, getting a cold hot-dog and devouring it on the balcony while the coffee machine ran - would apparently be denied him from now on. Or maybe not, he'd have to test it. Plan "Swallow your tongue and spite them" went into section two, "Find real food and try it". But more importantly, he'd have to get some questions out to Flockton and Ahmad, and by now he was together well enough to mouth them.

    Maybe check in with Isaac, too. That was what he had forgotten, come to think of it. Establish continuable contact with Byron. The dude knew stuff, and apparently had his share of insight on certain matters. Still, though, really. Immortality. Kinda funny, that. You could get God-knows-how-old, and you still wouldn't know whether it's actual immortality. He'd have to drop that line some time. Better write it down. Now to find out what time it is, what the score looks like, and what exactly I'm supposed to do with all of this.
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