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    The full library of all my work (pbp, homebrew, optimization) is over on minmaxboards here. However, I've begun reposting a lot of my stuff on these boards, and entering homebrew contests. So, here's my GitP extended homebrew sig.

    Homebrew Martial Discipline Compendium

    Please note that in general, where there are links to both mmx and gitp, the mmx version is generally more up-to-date, and will have more material.

    Large Homebrew Projects
    • Ritual Magic, a splatbook for a new subsystem which involves charging up magical effects to release at a later time. mmx, gitp
    • Magipunk Campaign Setting, cyberpunk with all the tech replaced by magic. An enormous amount of content, including base classes, prestige classes, feats, items, races, houserules, and all that jazz. mmx, gitp
    • Heroes of Hyrule, a port of the LoZ games for 3.5, using Tome of Battle and spellshaping. mmx, gitp
    • Ethos of the Wyrm: the Draconic Ideals, a dragon-themed splatbook for a new supplemental subsystem, kind of like pact magic (though not the same of course). mmx, gitp
    • The Great Wheel: Saga of the Planes, a high level & epic Planescape-style campaign setting, with the lofty goal of coming up with viable rules for high-level and epic play in 3.5. mmx
    • Stratovarius's Past, Present, and Future, a repost and update of Strato's amazing work from the BG boards, with (hopefully) some new content. mmx
    • Wisps of Creation, a standalone subsystem written for MUHA 2. gitp

    Note: classes, prcs, feats, etc. that are part of a large project are not given their own links below.

    Base Classes
    • Ætherforge, base class with a brand new magic system (psionics by way of incarnum, basically). mmx, gitp
    • Astronomer, owner of another brand new subsystem, who "observes" effects happening in the sky and all around. Winner of GitP Base Class Contest XVI - Doing What We Must Because We Can! mmx, gitp
    • Carrionwalker, an Outcast class (amechra's project) which is basically an undead druid. mmx
    • Cycle Warden, a martial adept for all seasons, and winner of the GitP Base Class Challenge XIII, On a Whim. mmx, gitp
    • Dread Champion, the BBEG incarnate (at least, if you want something to be bashy smashy). mmx, gitp
    • Extractor, winner of the GitP Base Class Challenge XV - Lights! Camera!, based on the central characters of the movie Inception. mmx, gitp
    • Jongleur, an incarnum bard, and entry in Base Class Contest XVII - Heroes of Note: Keeping it Trill. mmx, gitp
    • Ley Engineer, a class capable of both standard adventuring and affecting a huge battlefield. Winner of Base Class Challenge XIV - Champions and Mooks. mmx, gitp
    • Nullblade, an invoking class designed to counter everything. mmx, gitp
    • Panphobic, the class which is afraid of everything. Entry in Base Class Contest XVIII - Crazy Hobos Everywhere. mmx, gitp
    • Sandman, a Freddy Krueger-like dream assassin. mmx, gitp
    • Shadowcaster, a fix of the published one in the Tome of Magic. mmx, gitp
    • Sublime Rogue, a rework of the Rogue using ToB material. mmx, gitp
    • Thaumurai, paladin replacement, invoking class, foil to the Nullblade. mmx, gitp
    • Warcrafter, a rework of the artificer using martial adept rules. mmx, gitp
    • Wardancer, a fancy dancey martial dervish class. mmx, gitp
    • Warpsoul, an aberration-based incarnum base class (a la totemist), with lots of new soulmelds. mmx, gitp

    Prestige Classes
    • Architect of the Twofold Way, the perfect blend of Nullblade and Thaumurai. mmx, gitp
    • Asura of Creeping Blight, a warlock-rakshasa entry in GitP PrC Contest XXXIX: Villainy and Evil! mmx, gitp
    • Ayuscientist, a gramarie & incarnum hybrid. mmx,
    • Azure Ascetic, an incarnum/spellshaping prc. mmx, gitp
    • Candysmith, aka Willy Wonka in a can, a prc for the Warcrafter and entry in GitP PrC Contest XL: Based on a Bestseller. mmx, gitp
    • Clockwork Cenobite, a mechanus monk, and an entry in Gitp PrC Contest XXXVI: Traditionally Speaking! gitp
    • Chromancer, a gramarie timey-wimey prc using Chrome (no relation to Google). gitp
    • Dracarnum Acolyte, an incarnum/DFA hybrid. mmx, gitp
    • Enigmatician, master of the puzzle box and entry in the GitP PrC contest XXXIV, Items of Power. mmx, gitp
    • Essence Devourer, a primer on how to become a barghest. mmx, gitp
    • Executor of Bedlam, a rogue steeped in lolrandom, and an entry in GitP Prestige Class Contest XXXVIII, Chaos is as Chaos...Oh look, shiny! mmx, gitp
    • Feater, the only prestige class you'll ever need. mmx, gitp
    • Horned Juggernaut, a were-rhinoceros and an entry in the minmaxboards Homebrew Contest I, One-Spell Wonders. mmx, gitp
    • Mawkin, a scary scary scarecrow, and the winning entry in Gitp Prestige Class Contest XXXV, The Last Harvest! mmx, gitp
    • Necrocarnate, a fix of the dysfunctional published prc. mmx, gitp
    • Precession's Guide, a bashy astronomer and entry in . gitp
    • Primal Soul, Black Blood Cultist + Soul Manifester, a Wilder/Totemist hybrid and the first homebrew I ever did. mmx, gitp
    • Shadow Star Infiltrator, an eladrin-friend who exacerbates the Blood War, and entry in GitP PrC Contest XXXVII, Be Good for Goodness' Sake! mmx, gitp
    • Shamurai, a melee con-artist, the exact opposite of War Hulk. mmx, gitp
    • Soulfused Transcendant, an incarnum prestige class that gets a ton of free melds and chakra binds which can't be changed. mmx, gitp
    • Soulknight, aka Crusader/Incarnate hybrid. mmx, gitp
    • The Prettiest, a 5-level prc which turns you into a pretty pretty elf. mmx, gitp
    • Tiger Avatar, aka Warblade/Totemist hybrid. mmx, gitp
    • Transcholar, a Gramarie transcendant. mmx, gitp
    • Valorous Lieutenant, aka bardbladesader the prc. mmx
    • Voyeur, a prc for the Astronomer based on sneaky Quantum. mmx, gitp
    • Warped Disciple, aka Binder/Warpsoul hybrid, Cthulhu wot wot. mmx, gitp

    Races and Monster Classes
    • Animus, astral planetouched race which values balance. mmx, gitp
    • Dwærrow, dwarves who forge æther. mmx, gitp
    • Githyanki, in a certain Improved Monster Class project. mmx
    • Githzerai, in a certain Improved Monster Class project. mmx
    • Firre Eladrin, in a certain Improved Monster Class project. mmx
    • Half-Ogre, in a certain Improved Monster Class project. mmx
    • Spelljamer, so now you can play as a magic living spaceship. mmx
    • Time Dimensional, since Time isn't an element. mmx, gitp
    • Xevu, a weird aberration incarnum race. mmx, gitp

    Feats, Disciplines, Soulmelds, etc.
    • Combat feats of various colors and flavors. mmx, gitp
    • Factotum toys for you to play with. mmx, gitp
    • Incarnum feats of various shapes and sizes. mmx 1, mmx 2, mmx 3, gitp

    • Extractor Soulmelds, for the dreamers and the knowers. mmx, gitp
    • Jongleur Soulmelds, music to my (and your) ears. mmx, gitp
    • New Necrocarnum Soulmelds, to beef up the few that the Necrocarnate gets. mmx, gitp
    • Warpsoul Soulmelds, for the aberrophiles among us. mmx, gitp

    • Celestial Impetus, force force force blargh. (Epic) mmx, gitp
    • Conquered Mountain, for climbing up your enemies (unfinished). gitp
    • Devouring Crypt, creating hordes of zombies by swinging your sword. (Epic) mmx, gitp
    • Edge Country Hurricane, a silly and unfinished discipline. Use at your own risk. mmx
    • Equinox, maneuvers of Autumn and Spring. (Cycle Warden) mmx, gitp
    • Impromptu Virge, lots and lots of wands and staves. (Warcrafter) mmx, gitp
    • Looming Thunderbolt, Impromptu Virge for the psionic character. gitp
    • Mystic Brew, for potions and alchemy. (Warcrafter) mmx, gitp
    • Perplexing Essence, stealing the magic from your enemies' equipment. (Warcrafter) mmx, gitp
    • Revolution, maneuvers of constant change. (Cycle Warden) mmx, gitp
    • Seven-Forged Sword, rainbow attacks, ho! (Epic) mmx, gitp
    • Solstice, maneuvers of Summer and Winter. (Cycle Warden) mmx, gitp
    • Twisted Vellum, killing people with magic papercuts. (Warcrafter) mmx, gitp

    Stuff which has to be updated/re-ported to gitp: Extractor, Sublime Rogue, Ætherforge, Jongleur
    Stuff which has to be ported to mmx: Precession's Guide

    Depreciated or otherwise on hold:
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