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[Maple Cabin]

Valaira would object! Nobody is innocent! Except maybe babies. And even then, only some babies are innocent. Every now and again you get an evil baby genius thing that tries to take over the world. Those babies aren't sinless! They're lightweight, teensy, teething terrors!

Oh, and Val certainly didn't bury the bones in ziplock baggies in the walls of the cabin or anything, so don't go poking around in there! Search the forest or the sky or the lake! Zero would find zippo in the walls!

>.< Yessir. There are no bodies in the walls!


Moving on, there is a suit of powered armor in the bathroom. The door is shut and locked at this time, but it is there all the same.

"Bottled joy! You take a sip of it and it makes you joyous! I don't know how they manufacture it, but it works wonders!"

It might also be an anti-depressant! Erm...
It is an anti-depressant. And it is impossible to get your hands on without underworld connections.
Uh... Valaria, where did you get that bottled joy?

Zero asks as he realizes what the bottled joy really was.