There once was man who was orange....Guys! What rhyme with orange?

Alias: None

Gender: Male


Age: About twelve, which is young adult for a kobold.

Alignment: True Neutral

Class/Profession: Bard/Adventurer

Power Rating: 3

Description: Nap-Nap stands at only two feet tall, which is short even for a kobold. His scales are beige in color and he's always dressed in mis-matched clothes of clashing colors. The few constants of his dress are two bongos hanging infront of him, an old leather backpack slung over his shoulder, and a hatchet at his side.

Equipment: Besides his clothes? A hatchet, two bongos, and a backpack full of miscelanious adventuring gear (rope, food, ect. ect.)

Abilities: Nap-Nap knows a bit of magic, a bit of fighting, and a bit of adventuring. Unfortunately, he isnt nearly as great of a musician or adventurer as he thinks.

Backstory: Intentionally left blank