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    Vale passes by several mercenaries holding idle chatter, few see him and most ignore him. This is not the case of a shadow, leaning against the far wall his eyes track the movement of the newcomer. Slowly the shadow makes his way across the camp stalking Vale until he is within arms reach. With a poke of rapier scabard he murmurs "Are you looking for work? If so you should meet our captain" He nods helpfully towards a man sitting underneath a tent with an open wall intently working on a large pile of paperwork.

    As Romulus announces himself then captain looks up for a bare moment before returning to his paperwork. "How many times must we say that we don't hire on the march" after a pause "well unless the need is dire." He takes a sip from his drink "Here's what, we are marching towards Wroat where the king has requested this company of fine men be hired. Though I am afraid we can't pay you during the trip, I'm sure we can find you some employment once we reach our destination. Until then I'll see to it that you are fed and sheltered." He looks past Romulus to a Valenar Elf speaking to a man with an unkept beard and leather armor "Is he your friend or are you really asking for a duel? Nether the less the offer stands for him aswell."
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