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Here is a table showing the general surplus and deficits of a specific market.


Special thanks to Ninjadeadbeard whose ideas for this I built upon.
Oh so that's where that went! Glad to see you finally got to use the tables.

As to the rest, here are my thoughts.

I loooove the map! How did you make it? I'm always experimenting with styles.

Some of the names picked for various peoples feels forced. For example, Vabbian. It rings a bit hollow for me. But Akhkzomet? Enki? Excellent! Makes me think of ancient Mesopotamia. All of the Ur-names feel right too. This time era needs more love.

I'm not a fan of the human variants, if only because they all seem the same to me. One thing I did with Eramus was make humans more like other races by creating, essentially subraces. Why separate Elves into so many distinct parts? High, Dark, Gray, Wood, etc. I would advise to give each of the major human cultural groups either highly distinctive bonus skills (a seafaring race should get Use Rope automatically with a bonus, a race of Horse-masters should have Handle Animal and Ride, etc,) or just give them a different set attribute bump. As an example, Vabbians would get +2 to Con because of their migration, and Knowledge (Arcane) as a bonus skill regardless of class. Sinatic people would have a bonus to Survival Checks and a +2 to Dex or something.

Finally, I like the language gap. Far more realistic than standard. Again, this time period needs more love from movies, games and whatever else, and I like how your language fix represents the varied city-states of the region.

Again, awesome job! Is there anything more specific you wanted to hear comments on? I'm happy to help.