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    Korisis Haskal d'Sivis,Artificer Gnome

    An excited Gnome climbs ontop the railing of the Fool's Dream. He twirls his Green Bowtie as he hollers into the wind. Normally he is well composed, and represents the professionalism of his House with Pride, but the excitement of the airship gets the best of him.

    Despite his lack of experience, he has been hired as chief engineer for this Airship, a job that allows him to gather a large amount of information in his travels. Upkeep isn't exactly his thing, he hopes to someday design grand items rather than repair the ones someone else made. Kor walks across the deck and heads below to go make his usually checks. He stops to talk to the first mate, and a few of the other crew members. "Where are we headed to right now? Can you give me an estimate on how much time before we land? The engines are holding up fine, and the elementals seem alright but I noticed we're running a bit low on supplies." Up close you'll notice that he well-dressed status has been running a bit low on the upkeep since he's been working with his hands. While he's still very well dressed, his cloths are a mixture of practical leather for working with the machines and magic and his suit and tie keeping him in a suprisingly good appearance for an adventurer of sorts. This is one of the few times he's come above deck during this trip, he's been busy below deck most of the time.
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