3108: My Favored Soul/Risen Martyr cannot be named "Bryan."
3108a: Nor can he be named "Bwyan."
3109: I may not make a divine spellcaster who worships themselves as their Patron Deity.
3110: Meteor Swarm does not deal bonus damage against dinosaurs.
3110a: Neither does Melf's Minute Meteors.
3111: I am not allowed to play as an amnesiac changeling with Multiple Personality Disorder.
3112: After rescuing the princess, I cannot simply ransom her myself.
3112a: Especially if I'm playing as a paladin.
3113: A paladin's "special mount" ability gives you a magical animal suitable for riding, and cannot be misconstrued in any way.
3114: If the DM says that 2+2=5, there can be no dissagreement on that matter.
3115: When the DM asks how my Warlock gets his Invocations, my response cannot be "by being awesome."