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    I just thought of another potentially fun character, so I think I'll add her in.




    Ah, that's much better! Now I can just write this out without that silly formatting! Let's see...

    The name's Bright Eyes. I think it's a wonderful name for a hero, don't you?

    So you want to know what I look like? I'm an earth pony. I don't have any of your wings or magic or whatever else, but I don't need them! A full third of the pony population gets on fine without them, you know! Now, as I was saying, I've got a nice strong build and a fine golden coat, with a long, rough, red-brown mane and tail and nice sky-blue eyes. My mark's a map because I like exploring.

    I like to wear a sturdy vest, a red wide-brimmed hat, a blue cloak and tough red shoes. Some of my clothes are faded from time and hardship, but they're still intact and strong! ...Come to think of it, I really should include a picture, shouldn't I!


    Now what's next? Oh, my skills? I've got a variety! Still, better to stick to what I'm best at because it'd take a while otherwise. I'm an expert at adventuring. You know, raiding tombs, questing for glory, that sort of stuff. I can handle myself in the wasteland like nopony's business, and when riled, I'm quite the fighter!

    My past is a bit lengthy to talk about, considering I've been adventuring for at least fifteen years. Besides, I'm more interested in the future anyway. Still, if you ever want to hear about a few of my adventures, I'll be happy to tell you!

    Oh! You want to know about my personality? Well, I'm a friendly, cheery type, but unlike a certain unicorn, you can trust me with your life. I've got plenty of generosity, and I'm willing to share stories and spoils from my adventures with anyone who wants. Still, I'm no pushover. You can't be an adventurer if you don't have the guts, you know! Some say I'm kind of strange, but I don't mind. I'm an accepting type.

    Now, I don't really know anything about most of these ponies except what I've read here, but I think I may have met a couple of them in the past. It's hard to keep track of so many ponies, isn't it? Still, I've been getting to know Lucky Break and Gwendolyn... Say, where's her file got to?

    What now? Possessions? Well, there's my clothes, of course, because I'd be naked otherwise, but I don't think you were referring to them. I usually carry a variety of things such as weapons for both short- and long-range combat, food and water, flint and steel, a rope and grapnel for climbing, an underwater oxygen extractor for swimming (Not that it's come up a lot in the wastes, but you never know!), mechanical tools, navigation equipment, and the occasional old artefacts I may have picked up while wandering about. It takes a good deal of strength to cart all this around, let me tell you that!

    ...I think that's it.

    Say, now that you're done, may I take over? I'd like to make a few adjustments to my own entry.

    Go ahead! It's not like I'm stopping you!
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