Ashayan d'Lyrandar

Service aboard the Fool's Dream was good even though it had taken him from the war and his vengeance. He wondered if his father had been involved in his sudden transfer from Boranel's Blessing and promotion to first mate. First mate, he could hardly believe it. Some of the crew were sea dogs and sky wolves of a hundred summers, far more experienced than he. Ashayan had charmed them and spun the story that they were the very best crew to keep a green boy like him from making too big an gull of himself. It wasn't even a lie which made it all the sweeter.

Still shipping scrolls from Sharn to Vathirond, huge crates of scrolls for magewrights to use in the war, wasn't getting Ash into the action. It had it's compensations though. The Lady Beatrice ir'Rond had been most fearful for his safety when they left the keep along the Brey. She had given him a wonderful brooch of pale sapphire paired with a wand topped with a matching stone when he'd left. Gifts and tears that he'd kissed away on their last night together.

They were heading back to Sharn and Ashayan wasn't on duty. He liked to spend his time near the elemental though technically the elemental was everywhere on the ship and around it. He could almost feel the creature as its consciousness, if you could call it that, stretched out across the airship. It seemed calmer when he played to it too.

The new artificer, Korisis Haskal d'Sivis, stopped to ask him some questions. He followed the gnome up to the top desk, "Captain has her course set for Sharn at the moment though we're low on trade goods. We deliver to Vathirond but there's not much to bring back with us except wounded and prisoners and m'lady Captain doesn't like to sully her hold with things that don't turn a profit. We may well call at Wroat on the way. Sorry I can't give you a better answer but she keeps her own council. A habit of secrecy, is what she says.

Leaving the gnome with an elegant bow Ashayan skipped up the gunwale to the steering ring. "Morning Captain. Fool's Dream is purring like a kitten, that new artificer knows his stuff. The crew is content though we ran out of fresh greens last night and cook says we'll have to stop to resupply or we'll be eating salt pork and pickle for the rest of the journey. What are your orders?"