Upon being asked by Celestica, Rahja nods softly after a moment. "I... like to think so." Elves know many beautiful songs, their many years letting them perfect each one to glorious heights. Rahja considers herself lucky, even in a time of crisis like this, to have been invited to join Celestica in song. She summons a lute of her own, it's sound made to accompany Celestica's.

"One moment, please." Rahja begins to play on her lute, a soft introduction and slow build up for her partner to take the lead. Healing energy sweeps through her and Celestica's body, but from one moment to the next, both briefly flash in radiant light, Rahja's spell drawing on their benevolence, visibly enhancing their beauty and presence, giving them a rapturous elegance and grace. The notes suffuse both women's hearts, building anticipation towards the performance and rescuing these people, as well as filling them with sheer positivity driving them forward.

With a smile, Rahja turns to her partner, continuing to play masterfully. "We should stick together, we can achieve more that way. Shall we?" Rahja begins to sing, adjusting her song to accompany Celestica's, manifesting her wings to keep pace with her if the elf is faster on foot than her. All who come near Rahja feel their wounds and burdens lifted, their bodies and minds fortified by the healing magic transported by her songs.

Rahja uses Summon Instrument to summon a lute. Additionally, she uses Weave Emotions (anticipation) and Weave Feelings (optimism) on Celestica and herself, giving both a +10 untyped bonus to AC and initiative (they never lose their Dex bonus to AC while conscious and mobile), as well as allowing them to roll 3d20 whenever they would roll a d20 and add the sums together (if one d20 comes up as a 20, the roll is considered a natural 20).

She casts Mass Cure Light Wounds on Celestica and herself, weaving the bard spell Inner Beauty into it (as per Spell-Woven Cure) and using Lyric Spell to expend 5 rounds of Bardic Performance instead of a spell slot to cast Inner Beauty. Celestica and Rahja gain a +4 sacred bonus to Dexterity and Charisma for 250 minutes.

Additionally, Rahja keeps casting Mass Cure Light Wounds (using Disguise Spell to weave it into her performance) on every citizen and ally within range to keep everyone topped off in terms of morale bonuses to attacks, skill checks and saving throws. A pleasant side effect is that the citizens, by their standard, become enormously more resilient with ~200 THP for 10 minutes.

And, for giggles, Rahja's performance check: (3d20+147)[15][5][14](181)

Current stats (during performance and with 100+ Overcharge THP):
Dexterity: 32
Charisma: 46
AC: 92
Fort/Ref/Will: +51/+54/+60
Initiative: +26