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    Korisis Haskal d'Sivis,Artificer Gnome

    The Gnome smiles when he hears "Secrecy". He goes back down to the lowest hold and rolls up his sleeve. Sometimes he just likes to stare at it. Its just incredible. To think that think allows me to use the power of words with such ease...

    The pulsing dragonmark feels cool against his neck, he finds no comfort in that however, because he knows that if he uses it, he will feel a hot, burning sensation. The Gnome thinks about his House's history. He is always amazed by the positive approach his house had towards the other Dragonmarks, and how all of his house does their best to further the goals of their society.

    Kor has never been to Sharn, but he's read and heard much about it. Something comes across to him, that he heard something about the city being one of the places least touched by the war. Kor walks around, and can almost hear the Elemental from down there. He has a thought, he wonders if elementals need to be bound to large vehicles, or if he might be able to bind one to a smaller craft. The Gnome pulls out his small notepad and writes Elemental, Ship, Small. He sticks to key words because if someone were to take his notepad, they'd have all his ideas.
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