Romulus Steelpaw, Shifter Swordsage

A vicious grin spreads across Romulus' face as the haughty elf accepts his challenge. He cracks his knuckles with eager anticipation. I didn't think you'd accept, little elf. I'm pleased that you have, though. I suggest that we avoid drawing too much blood. We may be fighting on the same side, after all. Although if you'd like to draw that pretty blade of yours," he sneers, nodding toward Vale's handsome double-bladed Valenar scimitar, "I'd face you just the same. Practitioners of the Shadow Tiger style fear neither sword nor claw." Romulus smiles wide, his canines bright and sharp, nearly glittering in the firelight.

He bows to his opponent and comfortably enters a low stance. Shadows seem to whorl about his body, almost supernaturally embracing him, though onlookers assume that it must merely be a trick of the twilit campfire. "I am ready when you are."