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    Default Re: [4E] Snowbody's Keep on the Shadowfell OOC

    My apologies for the crude map, I still couldn't get enough free time to make it good so I figured why not start combat, it's adequate for the task.

    Here's the map:

    It's slightly interactive. The way to use it is to drag your token to where you want it to be, then hit enter. Then copy the URL from the browser's address bar and paste it into your post.

    Features of the map:

    The stream is shallow and does not affect anything in any way unless you're Prone. If you're prone it gives partial cover but is difficult terrain.

    The cobblestone-looking things (both in the stream and out) are slippery rocks that are difficult terrain.

    The magic circle is in p7; it has an aura 1.

    I didn't get to draw the cliff face. It should be all the way across row 16, 50 feet high (10 squares), hard to climb.

    Features of the cliff face that you can see, or suspect based on what Ninaran told you:
    - a concealed opening (total concealment) at g16 which is 10 feet high, easy athletics check to climb. Ninran suspects there's a sentry in there, though you haven't spotted it yet.
    - I didn't get to draw the waterfall. It should be across l16 to p16. According to Ninaran the bulk of the cave is behind the waterfall. The waterfall provides total concealment and partial cover, and squares it's in are difficult terrain. Ninaran suspects there's a sentry just inside.
    - an outcropping from y15 to C15. It's 30 feet high, moderate athletics check to climb. There is an unconcealed opening at A15-A16; a weak-looking kobold darts in and out every minute or so (it hasn't seen you yet).

    Please roll your initative and give starting location somewhere in row 0 or 1.
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