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    Default Re: [4E] Snowbody's Keep on the Shadowfell OOC

    Dekkah makes a good point -- you can do any preparations you want for free (transferring items around, rolling skill checks, etc.) Also you may want to give some direction to your minions.

    During the encounter, it's a minor action to direct one of the minions to do something (doing this flavorfully and rolling bluff/diplo/intimidate will help). Rat has actual combat experience so his morale and loyalty will be higher.

    These three minions (Crabb, Goyle, and Rat) are standard minions: take no damage if they're missed, any hit makes them Unconscious and Dying. They do not get any death saving throws; if they're Dying and their turn comes up, they die. The only advantage they have over monster minions is that you can bring them back with magic healing or first aid (DC 15 heal check) if you can get to them before their turn comes around. As they're level 1 and 2 NPCs, they only have one healing surge per day.

    One last thing. When you see an enemy, you can make a Nature roll for that enemy type as a free action, and if you pass the DC you'll get some info about that enemy type. No rerolls.

    Minion Initiative
    Crabb - (1d20)[12]
    Goyle - (1d20)[4] + 5 = 9
    Rat - (1d20+1)[13]
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