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Thread: [Nexus] The Wall III: Wall Harder

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    Oi, Marcy boy, sounds like you'll have every bottom feedin' slug comin' after ya now. Sounds like you might need another bodyguard or two. Why not hire a couple'a the best damn guards in town? That is ta' say, me an' other me.
    I told ya! My names not 'other me' or 'Joe' its Larry!
    Ah shaddap I made ya by cuttin' off my own backside I'll call ya what I want. 'sides I'm tryin' to get us a job here!
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    "Then next time, don't build your block house in his territory, dear. Now please stop trying to mindcontrol the daughter of someone who could lock us both inside our own heads for the next million years or so, alright?"
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