After weaving effortlessly between the new cracks and teleporting back down to the ground, Wero's and Usabhar's instructions to the general draw only an exaggerated gruffness and bravado, obviously compensating for his own confusion. "I don't remember a blasted thing. One moment I was chopping down ghouls with my axe, the next I was walking across some sea of yellow earth, and then I woke up in that mansion of yours. I'm the one with questions here"

Abandoning that dry well of information, Lord Wero's proclamation is heard clearly across most of the panicking city. The raw authority in his booming voice cuts clearly through the hysteria and reaches the citizens and their desire to live. Slowly, orderly, they walk in the direction of the governor's mansion, leaving behind their conflicts from the panic and holding their families close. They dare not show fear upon their faces as they walk, knowing that panic won't help to save them.

As Celestica and Rahja carefully weave their way over the crowd, their duet is a true work of beauty, calming the souls of all those who rest below. A few come to accept the death that may well be awaiting them and continue onwards in peace, regardless of what should befall them. Most, however, are filled with hope and the will to continue living. All of them continue towards the governor's mansion, though their march is no longer forced.

In the governor's mansion, Zurkar finds the governor in short order, standing in his room next to the window and staring out at the crowd gathering below and at the cracks in the sky, the cracks that may well threaten to destroy all he knows. Hearing Zurkar's entrance, the balding man turns and instinctively bows down to his superior. "What do you require of me, my lord?" asks the governor, his voice forcibly vacant and emotionless.

No sooner does he ask, however, than does another guest arrive in the room. Nasiri, seen earlier but floating through the skies as the large dwarf's companion (and, likely, mount), passes into the room to see an old human bowing down before a smaller purple dragon and his apparent entourage.

As a good deal of the people gather at the base of the governor's mansion, the cracking noise from above slowly comes to a halt. The cracking, it would seem, has come to a stop for a moment. This is not to say that activity has stopped, however. The cracks are filled with all manner of motion, eyes and claws and pincers and legs and far recognizable appendages seem to reach out from the full extent of the crack. thousands of beasts can be seen "behind" the crack, trying to claw their way out but restricted by the narrow width of the cracks. Thankfully, this development hasn't completely destroyed the resolve of the townspeople, though a good deal of them seem justifiably unnerved and inch closer towards the mansion as if the building itself could protect them.