Hearing Salin's completely expected and lackluster response, Usabhar shakes his head slowly and responds in a disappointed tone. "Then I state this quickly, you fell to the undead and you are now here resurrected thanks to the aasimar." He looks to Rahja quickly and gives a nod of respect to her while continuing to talk to Salin. "For now you shall head inside the Mansion and await passage out of this world. I shall discuss our future then."

Usabhar helps to move people from where they are to the Governer's Mansion as Wero and the two lute players assist in calming the populace. The dwarf knew that not many people from this city would survive; the cracks just break the world too quickly for a more optimistic outlook to this situation. Despite that, he still helps however he can. He can never say he did his best to try and avert an inevitably bad outcome if he does not do anything.

When he gets another look at the cracks however, he sees the living... Things inside. Eyes, claws, pincers, and legs. The dwarf's eyes narrow at the hideous sight as he raises his voice. "High Lord this is more than some void!" Usabhar moves to a crack near where townspeople are moving and draws his greataxe. "It won't take long before they break through. I will hold them here and keep them off the civilians!"

Inside the Mansion, Nasiri avoids breaking one of the Governor's priceless urns as she enters the room and finds the Governor and Prince Zurkar. She gives a slight bow to both as she speaks quickly and calmly. "Governor, Prince, I regret these are not the most wonderful of times to meet. Prince, the High Lord asks of you to open the Portal Chamber and prepare a mass evacuation of the city." She takes a moment to look outside the window; sorrow creeps into her face. "I pray it will be enough..."