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It's great if there's 10 ways to deal x damage; that allows for varied play styles. But it's bad if a player stacks them for 10x damage.

I like the non-stacking interpretation of monk's belt and Superior Unarmed Strike.
There's your fix right there. Make Superior Unarmed Strike a named bonus the same as Monk's Belt, or simply say they don't stack. I've seen similar in Wizards material talking about Wizards and Spell Penetration, no reason Monks are exempt.

Although mid game you still might have a problem since there's two bonuses to attack/damage. That alone makes it easier to buy for since you won't run into the "named bonuses don't stack" problem like other classes will. If a Rogue wants to stack Dex, there's only so many ways he can do it before it becomes prohibitively expensive to get the numbers he wants. A Monk can say well the +6Wis I want is too high, but +3Wis and a +3Dex items are much cheaper.

Can't see it being a game changer, but it would definitely boost him that little bit for a while.