Prince Zurkar arrives into the governor's room. Although he is greeted, he feels a sense of urgency that overpowers his normal sense of etiquette. However as he is about to speak he is interrupted by some unknown Couatl flying in, and apparently relaying the High Lord's orders. He looks towards the newcomer with a small hint of apprehension. Despite all this he doesn't doubt what this creature is saying. As he looks out the window that the governor was originally looking out, and seeing the cracks form where this world will crumble, all doubts, although he has no real reason to have them, are erased.
Yes. He replies.

Governor, I will open the way to the Portal Chamber. You are to direct the Shadows and whatever police force you use to guide our subjects into the portal. I will make additional portals for convenience. I sense my father would want you to prioritize evacuating the Treasury, so I would start there.
He looks towards the metal dragon, who seems to know how to reply immediately.
Yes, creator. I will follow the directive of the governor, as per your instructions. The Prince seems a little perplexed by this response, but seems to shrug it off as if this is common. The clockwork dragon places a fist on his chest in front of the governor as per the Eclipsian salute of service.
What would you will of me, Governor?

Right. As for you... he turns to the Couatl.
Do as you will, but I would await further instructions. If you wish to speak to me, speak to my golem, whom will remain with the Governor. I will hear you. He gestures to the crystalline giant.

Afterwards, the Prince flies out, moving with speed incredible by the standards of most dragons. He flies to the Portal Chamber, opening the ways and barking orders to guards or anybody nearby to have them wide-open to the public. When he gets to the portal, he will use his mastery of his portal device to create additional portals into the Portal Chamber from this particular room. He will then enter the Portal Chamber himself, and seek out someone of the Empire of the Eternal Eclipse's guardians of the Astral Plane, the Eternals, to relay his father's will to.


Everything was going nice and orderly, as per the High Lord's will. And how could it not? As High Lord His will would become manifest. And seeing his subjects beginning to proceed in a nice, orderly evacuation gave him a sense of pride at the kind of power and influence he can invoke at-will.
However, he would be lying if he said that the music that duo was playing didn't hurt. And it sounded good.
For a lute, anyways.

Instrumental preferences aside, the Dragon Lord felt nothing except bitter hatred as the prospect of losing this world to forces that lay Beyond. Apparently so terrible is what semblance of society exists Beyond that they must suckle on the fruits of prosperity that exist Within in order to survive. There was always something unbelievably desperate about those creatures, and Lord Wero simply refused to believe that they existed beyond reason. They were desperate, and unless something fundamental changes Beyond, desperation will be the status-quo for them for time immemorial.
As the Dwarf Lord proclaims his willingness to fight, the High Lord can only think of one logical reply.
No, you will not.
His hands become ablaze with dark violet magical energy, and purple lightning arcs around the dragon's snout as light seems to pour out of it. The High Lord is also suspended a foot above the ground under his sheer magical power.

I will not allow you to fight these abominations without me! As the High Lord of the Empire of the Eternal Eclipse, I refuse to allow my world, the fruits of my work which I have laboredyears to cultivate and grow, without first making sure they bleed for every square-inch of my world!

He makes a quick glance to the musical duo, giving them a quick nod and a glance to the cracks from which creatures might pour out any moment. Because Celestica has come to know the High Lord rather well, she would know that look to mean that he approves of what they are presently doing, but if they wish to join him (in battle in this case) they are invited to do so at any time.