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    Captain Merill, Ash and Korisis

    Captain Merill d'Lyandar Motions for both First Mate Ashayan and Chief Korisis to join her at the helm.
    "Welcome to the Fool" she smiles, then looks at Ash "There is something you should know about myself and this ship. Many years ago before ships sailed through the skies I took an adventurer on a voyage to Xen'drik, along the way we were ambushed by pirates and sauhagin alike and I owe my life and my ship to this man many times over for I have yet to see such valor and bravery. Believe it or not this man was non-other than the Prince now King of Breland. I have been looking for any reason to lend my help to his cause and it is only recently that I have been give the opportunity to do so. You see King Boranel has commissioned the construction of a fleet of airships and the Fool is one such vessel, so we fly to Wroat where we will find ourselves in a more... intimate relation with the war. Of course the neutrality of house Lyrandar in this war must never come to question. My Last first Mate was killed not too long ago and nether Legg nor Bronn wanted the headache that comes with responsibility. Your name also came with good recommendation from Captain Blackeye an old friend of mine." Shifting over to Korisis "You on the other hand I did not have much of a choice, you see having a Zilgaro artificer for engineer was part of the deals and politics involved with the commission of this airship. Though they told me they didn't have anyone of experience available, they also promised me I wouldn't be disappointed."

    Captain Wes, Romulus and Vale
    With a look that knows trouble when he sees it, he waves "If you are going to duel, do so outside my camp. We arrive in Wroat tomorrow, be ready to march at dawn"

    Lieutenant Kassad d'Deneith and Captain Emer
    In a windowless room at the top floor of the Deneith enclave in Wroat recently promoted Lieutenant Kassad d'Deneith has been called before his superior officer, a gruff Captain veteran of many battles left him with a hard look that never leaves his eyes.
    "Come in and introduce yourself Lieutenant" He quickly signs and seals a scroll before putting it aside. Before Kassad has had time to say anything he starts up again "Close the door. I don't know many people with enough political clout to make officer with without some field experience and I hope the men under your command don't regret that fact." after a short pause, and again before Kassad has had time to say a word "On the other hand, this is the opportunity of a lifetime, do good and you might even make grand marshal one day, Screw up and a dark corner of hell will be your life assignment where no political clout will save you." Captain Emer scrowls and lets out a raspy cough that finally gives Kassad an opportunity to say a word.
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