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No. I wasn't really into fotball back then, and my Hawks weren't in the same division as the Niners at that time anyway. I just find them and their more vocal fans really annoying and obnoxious, not to mention arrogant. Other teams' fans will engage in the usual pregame ribbing, but SF fans always seem to to take it way too far. I refuse to banter with Niner fans now because they think highly personal insults and digs about another city's suicide rates are appropriate in a debate about sports.
Wow. Sorry to hear that man. For what it's worth, I apologize on behalf of Niner's Nation. It's been a long decade, but no amount of "oh, they just had an easy schedule last year" justifies that kind of talk.

Going forward, hopefully I can turn you around on the Niner's fanbase, and we can agree to work together . . . by hating on Dallas and the Giants.