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You don't say.

Now, you're not wrong, per se, but Stoneskin was a bad example. Forcecage would have served you better.
Blackwing purchased the diamond dust. (I wonder how he carried it, given that the jar was about the same size as himself.) While it was most recently seen in Durkon's possession, it's possible that V had the jar at the time he fought Z in the EOB capital, and that he had pocketed enough of it to cast Stoneskin; we didn't see him throwing the dust on himself as Durkon threw it on the corpses when Raising, but it's possible he didn't need to do that in order to target himself, he could have just held the diamond dust and granite in one hand and absorbed them in the casting or something. We don't really see enough to be sure whether the Giant enforced the M-component requirement on that spell or not.