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Thread: NFL (pronounced Niffle) Thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McStabbington View Post
    Going forward, hopefully I can turn you around on the Niner's fanbase, and we can agree to work together . . . by hating on Dallas and the Giants.
    There's a degree of thuggishness in the fandom of most teams, I'm afraid.

    On the other hand, my longstanding statement is that "My three favorite teams are the Patriots, the Eagles, and whoever is playing Dallas this week."

    Quote Originally Posted by polity4life View Post
    You have a nice team. Carson will do just fine for the one week you need him. Just keep an eye on the waiver wire for a streaking QB if you're uncomfortable with him. Your RBs are your weak suit but someone sitting ontop the trash heap always gets hot and will be available on the waiver wire.
    Looks like I won't get to do a fantasy team again this year. Everybody locally wants to play for money and that's uncomfortably close to gambling for me.

    Mentioning Carson does bring back memories though. His first year playing (second in his career) I was in a league that was doing one of those computerized drafts where you make a long list of who you want in the order you want them, and the computer runs the draft (and I *hate* that method, for the record). I got Carson as my lone QB pick in the second round, then scrambled for someone undrafted for his bye week. Carson of course burned up the stat sheets that year and I lost in the finals that year.
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