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Main Cabin

"As soon as they could sit up, I had them on the kitchen table while we worked," Pansy says. "Some of it was deliberately taught, but most of it they just picked up on their own."

"Tito is a better cook than me,"
Lily says.

"That's cause you don't pay attention."

"Mhm," Lily agrees. "I forget and stuff gets burnt. Oooh! We should teach Justin to cook! Then he can cook stuff for the girl he likes and get a girlfriend!"
Main Cabin

Justin did not expect Lily to say anything like that, especially following the reasonable "teach [him] to cook" idea. "Haha! What, you assume I don't have a girlfriend?" he asks, leaning forward with an obviously not angry expression. "I don't, but whatever. That's actually a great idea Lily. Sounds fun. The cooking, I mean."