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Kydrak looks admiringly at the golem. But is dismissive of what Schtein says about not having enough time. This is everything he wanted, first a group of weak-minded warriors and now a potential bodyguard. "Schtein, I do beleive that you are wrong. Do not be so dismissive of servants, the only servants you seem to like are the recently deceased. I for one, preffer something that has a mind and isn't loosing it's limbs. This is a golem of the highest value and we should fix it and use it to it's full potential. We may have enough time. He then looks to Victor "I have the same opinions as you on this fine piece of craftmanship. I would be honoured to assist in the recronstruction of this masterpeice. We may be able to keep it and use it to full potential."

Schtein raises an eyebrow "There you go not listening again i told him he can look at it since it would be valuable and here I thought those big ears of yours helped you listen. I guess I am incorrect in my assumption. Though I suppose we could all work together to fix it up to speed up the process."