The shifter grit his teeth as the blade whirled past, catching hold of his sleeve and shearing through the fabric. His occluded steps caused the follow-up strike to miss, unexpectedly coming from the elf's open hand. A rictus of a smile spread across Romulus' face, as he intoned, "You're better than I expected, but it won't help you." As his hand flashed out, a shadowy double of his hand follows close behind.

Shadow Blade technique:
(1d6)[5] Cold damage if both strikes hit
Ability explanation:
If you use the higher die result, resolve your attack as normal. (Your mystic double misses, but your true attack might hit.) If you use the lower die result, or if both die results are the same, your attack deals an extra 1d6 points of cold damage as both the mystic double’s attack and your true weapon strike home.
This maneuver is a supernatural ability.