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I can only speak with absolute authority on the Niners and the NFC West, but I'll highlight a potential problem you've got with your backfield. Namely, Gore and Hunter don't replace one another so much as complement one another. Gore is a bruising runner between the tackles, but being the offense for the Niners for eight years has ground him down. Just to keep his legs healthy for later in the season/playoffs, the Niners don't allow the guy more than 20 touches a game any more. So we bring in backs like Hunter and James to do the stuff that requires more running: off-tackle runs, screens and checkdown throws. The result, while great for our offense, is bad for both players fantasy football stats because every run one player gets effectively reduces the touches the other could have had.

Trent Richardson is, imo, a good choice, although he's going to be running six times into a Ravens, Steelers and Bengals D that all looked pretty good last year. Beyond that, I can only say that I like the choice of the Seahawks D. They were actually a top-ten defense last year (8th, IIRC) that is often kind of lost in the shuffle because they play in a division typically seen as terrible. But their secondary is very good and they did good work recruiting a young pass rusher to fix their only real hole from last season. Although there may be units that are situationally better from week to week, that's a good every-week team D.
I can't take any of the credit for the team I have at the moment.
It was an automated draft as most of the guys in the league were otherwise engaged while the draft took place.
The league is one between the British American Football Referees Association members, and almost all of us were at the British National Finals this weekend, officiating games.

So, the team I have right now is the result of the automated draft.

I wasn't actually sure about the seahawks defense, but after your analysis, I think I'll keep them around for a bit to see how they do. Maybe pick up a backup D to use for those weeks where there's an unfavourable matchup for the Seahawks.