Korisis Haskal d'Sivis: Artificer Gnome

Kor asked the captain, "Sir, may I request permission to study the liquid ballista bolts further? I'd like to familiarize myself with the weapondry of the ship in addition to its basic flight mechanics. As you said, I don't have a lot of experience, so I'd like to put it plenty of study to make up for the fact."

Assuming the captain said yes,

The gnome heads down below deck to get his equipment: a flask, some tongs, leather gloves, a mask, and a metal board to place the liquid bolts on. With the equipment in tow, he heads to the hold and collects a small sample (enough for 1 shot, probably 1 ounce?). Then he brings the sample to his lab to begin study.

First, he needs to determine if the liquid holds some sort of shape, dependent on the fact that it seems to be metallic. He pours a few drops onto the board, and observes if it spreads quickly or retains a vague droplet shape.

Second, he pulls out a fine black thread and uses the Skill Enhancement Infusion on this liquid to grant him a +2 Circumstance bonus to Knowledge(Arcana) for 10 minutes, enough time to study the liquid some more.

Finally, with preparations made, his studys the liquid and compares it to other items, along with the texts and information he owns and remembers from his schooling.
Knowledge(Arcana): Taking 20 for a total of 30.