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    To the judges:

    I distilled the judging down to two comments:
    - no link to prompt
    - too little use of imagery
    Luckily for me, my competitors allow me another shot in the next round. But I feel the need to spill my thoughts as well:
    Use of Prompt:
    When I first saw the image, I quickly found the story I wanted to tell. I saw a kid, dressed up like hmm.... something with hmm... spikes? horns? rays? Ha! Maybe he's depicting the sun? Then I found: kid+sun? no wait: son+sun! Let's add Sin! Et voila, with these 3 words I saw the story to write.
    When I look back at the image with the words son and sun in mind, it's obvious to me, but I realise that it's probably absolutely not if you're not holding that key.

    Lack of Imagery:
    I played with 3 words of 3 digits, and used a simple AABB rhyme, which can feel too simple. I believe it's this simplicity Alarra calls childish and let to an underwhelming experience. (although it seems not to have bothered other judges) And... I agree in some way. The focus was more on the story, while other aspects of what contributes to a good poem were not up to that level. With the critics in mind, I see how it's a one-trick-pony rather than a well-rounded poem.
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