The shifter laughed as the elf repeated the same series of strikes, missing him once again. "Flaming sword? Have you been paying attention? I'm not even armed. Here, allow me to demonstrate." With that, he grabbed the elf's arm as the strike overreached. Romulus turned inward toward the blow and the elf, slinging his arm across his shoulder and digging his hip into his opponent, employing his leverage to execute a throw.

Mighty Throw, using Dex for a trip attempt: Touch attack (1d20+5)[12] Opposed grapple check: (1d20+8)[22] If successful, Vale is thrown 10 feet away and lands prone. We'll roleplay the consequences afterward.

As the two continue to tussle, one of the lieutenants approaches and barks out at them, "That's enough! Any more of that and you'll be restrained. Your House Deneith mercenaries now!" Romulus smiles and extends a hand to the elven warrior. "Well fought, comrade, but you should keep training. Let's call it a draw, shall we?"