Alias: The Red Mercenary
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Artificial Humanoid
Age: Biologically 22 but only about a year and half in existence.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral / True Neutral
Class/Profession: Fighter Mercenary
Power Rating: Hero: Lvl 12 (Quinsar Scale), B+ (Neon Knight Scale) Just to be clear on this matter most of the time, as Surt is rarely ever truly serious or motivated, he is usually at 20-40% capacity.
Description: He is exactly 6 feet tall and weighs 85kg. His build well balanced, neither too thin or too muscular.His armor, eyes, hair and speech lines are all red, even his skin is reddish. Most of the time his face carries an either annoyed or disinterested face.His armor looks heavy and cumbersome and very clean without a single dent or scratch on it. He carries no visible weapon whatsoever. Over his gauntlets and chest plate is a half orb sticking out 3/4 as big as his hands with a reddish-yellow glow.
Personality: Most of the time he is very carefree and uncaring of what goes on around him. He is also easily bored and thus does things on impulse. However when he decides to do something his thoughts all become negative. He ends up always thinking that he'll screw up or anger someone powerful. If what he decides to do is not particularly hard or stressful then he'll just continue his carefree nature. He can also be at many times be very selfish.
Equipment: Red Full-Body armor sans helmet(Harder than steel and just as heavy), Brown Messenger Bag and Camping Gear(This last one is only seen rarely.)
Abilities: Above average brawling skill, Highly above average two-handed sword skill, Ability to shoot red laser-beams/balls from his orbs which can stun or kill, Ability to create fire/energy swords from his orbs, Flight, Medium capacity for magic which are mostly fire/energy related, Inhuman strength-speed-endurance and His final move: Letum! Surtr! Ignis! (Those are Latin words.) As I stated, he doesn't use this all the time. It'll be up to me to decide when he reaches his peak.
Backstory: Surt was created as the result of experiment on creating a next generation weapon in some mundane human world. However since he project created a being that has its own will along with the fact that it looks human though is only an artificial humanoid. This caused many problems: Militarily, as how would you trust a weapon with a mind of its own? Financially, as it would be impossible to mass produce him. Ethically, as it looks like a human being. Though abandoned as a failed next generation weapons project someone decided to take over the experiment. The one that toke over took everything from its original facility and brought it to the Nexus.
Surt's real body is is still in its pod where he was made. The Surt out in the world is only his consciousness remotely radioed to a data body(Think Megaman.EXE). To Surt he just thinks his memory is faulty but this is just a thought forced into Surt's mind in the place he is being kept, wherever that may be. For now the goal of whoever brought Surt to the Nexus is still unclear.
Miscellaneous: Though he is a data body he still thinks that he is alive. so the data bod is manipulated as needed whenever he eats or is called by nature to..... you know what I mean.


Alias: The Black Mercenary
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Human
Age: 25
Alignment: Neutral Good / True Neutral
Class/Profession: Legend Killer Mercenary
Power Rating: Hero: Lvl 9 (Quinsar Scale), C+ (Neon Knight scale). He is always at peak capacity but it does not mean he will always fight like that. If the enemy is just average then he wouldn't exactly in the proper mood to fight at the edge of death.
Description: His face is usually carrying a blank expression. His hair is Silver but dyed black and his eyes are blood red but are covered in back contacts. His build is on the highly muscular side. Five feet-Five inches tall and weighing around 110kg. All of the cloth he wears is pure black same with the armor with bits of silver colors here and there. If you look closely his armor is big pieces meshed with mismatched smaller pieces but these with keener senses won't be fooled by appearance. On his back is a two-headed, crescent shaped, short-handled Ax with the handle on his right shoulder. His blade is thin and sheathed on his right hip. Both weapons shine a dark, black brilliance just like obsidian. On his back is a satchel.
Personality: He is gruff all the time. He complains a lot and is also quick to anger. Violence is also one of his first options and killing is not a problem at all. He is very arrogant as well. He however has a soft spot for the innocent peoples and creatures. However to him there is a fine line between innocence and simply being weak, he despises the latter. Slavers and the like will get death from him. Weaklings will be helped but largely ignored by him if they look like absolute sheep(figuratively speaking). The innocent will mostly be helped by him.
Equipment: Black cloth(it hides him and works as a good bandage as the cloth has healing properties), Patchwork armor(Though named so it is stronger than hard diamonds and lighter than chain mail), Black Sword(Made from Black Steel, it is thin and light but very durable.), Black Ax(Made from Black Steel, it is thick, heavy and highly durable.), Satchel(Contains items that add flame, lightning and poisons to his arsenal. Healing potions and tonics included.)
Abilities: Master Swordsman/Ax-man, Skilled dual wielder, Peak human Strength-Speed-Stamina, Great survival skills, Honed senses and his greatest move: Landskecht!
Backstory: Once he was an explorer in a town containing a great labyrinth in his own world. In his town five inhumanly strong people conquered the depths of the labyrinth's floors and defeated the Legend that lived there. Since the secrets of the place were already known to the world the town was slowly dissolving into a ghost town. He however sought to conquer the labyrinth on his own. It took him years to make it to the final floor alone. In that time he had become an exemplary warrior. However in that floor despair awaited. The corpse of the legend that was killed was back and more powerful than ever. Yet the creature was definitely being controlled by someone else. Esruc fought hard but lost. His last vision was of the monster consuming the other beasts of the labyrinth to empower itself before fading away into an unconscious state. When he woke he was in a place he did not know. There he gained his skill with the black death from a teacher. Then he was outed here in the Nexus as the beast he failed to slay was here.
Miscellanious: He dyes his his hair black as silver hair make him stand out and that can be bad at times, same with the eyes. As you may know the black items he has have more to it than what I have revealed.


Alias: Al the Walker
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Magic Human
Age: 17
Alignment: Neutral Good / Chaotic Good
Class/Profession: Wandering Summoner
Power Rating: Adventurer: Lvl 6 (Quinsar Scale), D if sans magic and C if he has magic. Of course he will get stronger with time and adventure.
Description: His face is very youthful with big red eyes and a smiling face. His brown hair is short so as not to get grabbed or get in the way. He is Five feet and seven inches tall weighing about 75kg. His build is on the thin side. His seamless brown suit is tight with only a zipper in the spine area.Thick shorts and gloves , both of which are brown, seem to b his only other articles of clothing. On his body are various belts that have daggers, Dirks and throwing knives attached on them. The belt on his waist has a cardholder with few cards and a bag of holding.
Personality: He is youthful, naive, adventurous and curious. He is pretty much a nice guy but can be scared at times. He can be immature at times as well. He is also slow to anger and knows how to sweet talk others. Overall he is a good kid. A bit of molding and he'll grow up into a fine man.
Equipment: Daggers, Dirks and Throwing Knives(All regular iron and steel and non-magical.), Bag of Holding(Self-explanatory and contains the usual), Summoning cards(Which summons.... stuff)
Abilities: Skilled in small bladed weaponry, tactical retreats and summoning various things. He has no final move as that would be riciculous for such a raw character.
Backstory: He is of noble linage but his family dies in his infancy due to a magical accident, cause unknown. He was then raised in an Akademy where he learned to use his magic to summon things. For 15 years he studied and now he must finish one final test to graduate. he has 4 years to become stronger and when that time is up he must prove his worth to those that raised him. Now he trains and wanders to do just that!
Miscellanious: If he sees a beautiful woman he will not hesitate to try and flirt with her, you have been warned.


Alias: Clan Hunter
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Human
Age: 14
Alignment: Neutral Good / Lawful Good
Class/Profession: Fighter Paladin, sub: Hunter Ninja
Power Rating: Adventurer: Lvl 5 (Quinsar Scale), D+ (Neon Knight Scale) As he is just in the middle of leveling he can still rise to C class.
Description: He is Blonde with red eyes with a child-like face of a... well child. He wears a red undershirt with a lowered white hoodie along with red shorts, gray socking and brown shoes. Bits and pieces of engraved armor lies on top of his clothes. A big rucksack is on his back. His true equipment seems to not be apparent on him.
Personality: Headstrong and with a strong sense of justice, Narve can sometimes get so focused to what he thinks is right and he will not see things from anyone else's point of view, which often gets him in to a lot of engagements. He also hates losing.... a lot.
Equipment: Arch Sword(Holy Element and held with two hands), Wygar(Light armor that allows him to dodge most normal attacks and immediately counterattack.), Mirror Mail(Reflects Magic) and Templar Shield(Immunity to debuffs)
Abilities: His abilities depend on which active class he is using. Mostly it will be brute force coupled with holy element. The other way is fast hit s from afar. His greatest ability and maybe the only true ability is this: Judge Law. He has no finisher either.
Backstory: Like other youths he stumbled upon a grimoire and was sent to Ivalice. He stayed there for awhile loving every minute of adventure, having no wish to return to his world at all. He then stumbled upon a grimoire in Ivalice and ended up here in the Nexus. Now he is looking for new clan members.
Miscellanious: He is currenly thinking up a clan name!