Is hungry. Nice peoples is has food?

Alias: None
Gender: Male
Age: The human equivalent of 14 or 15.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class/Profession: Adventurer-In-Training
Power Rating: 1
Description:Gird stands at about five and a half feet tall, and has long hair pulled into dozens of tiny braids with brightly-colored beads at the ends. His horns are small, being *only a few inches long and half as wide. His brown studded leather armor is shiny and polished and he has a small gold pendant around his neck. On his back is a longspear, two crossed shortspears, and a backpack right in the middle. At his side, a knobbly length of wood with a few nails put through it and a leather-wrapped handle.
Equipment: his armor, his spears, his club, a backpack full of food and water, a small woodcarving set, and his pet goat "Ba"
Abilities: Being young( and stupid) Gird doesn't have many abilities. He can throw a spear, stab with a spear, swing a club, and carve wood decently.
Backstory: To be revealed at a later date.