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    Wroat Lightning rail station, Early morning train
    The sun had barely risen when Xeres d'Cannith was dressed and ready for a long day, the first of today's tasks was the supervision and accounting of Breland's lastest order of weapons and other wargear. The King himself wanted to inspect the goods later that day so Xeres had to make sure all was in order, afterall Breland was one of Cannith's best customers.

    Dock workers busy unloading the freight largely ignored him as he watch a giant primitive construct lifting the bigger crates. A half-elf tapped him on the shoulder waking him from some distracting thought
    "You are d'Cannith? Sign this scroll to confirm your order has arrived." Xeres looked at the man
    "I wish to inspect the goods first." Xeres said as he started to walk towards one of the bigger crates, then he turned halfway "If you don't mind?"

    At the crate Xeres took out a small golden key with the gorgon emblem of d'Cannith and tapped the crate lightly, standing aside as the magic of the key worked the wards on holding the cargo safe. After half a count the wall of the crate twisted free and fell over. Inside three dozen warforged sat hunched over, stacked three tall, as one would stack swords on a sword rack. Xeres took the time to admire the design, Baron Merrix's latest design. Deadly works of art clad in adamantium, the world's hardest metal. "Attention warforge! Get out of the crate in orderly fashion and assemble in 3 ranks, afterwards await my orders." as the living constructs started moving, slowly at first but faster as more room was made available. Xeres looked at the crate, he guessed they could've fit around 10 humanoids in that space and smiled as he apreciated the efficiency of it all. Then he made his way towards the other crates, half-elf in tow.

    Kassad Deneith and Captain Emer
    "You can start by calling me Captain, Lieutenant. Now conserning your assignment; fresh mercenairies will arive this morning I will meet them at the gate and take command, you are to be my 2nd in command. This afternoon we are to be presented to the king so make sure your arms and armor is polished bright, we need to make an example of the professionalism of house Deneith. Oh and how good are you in free fall?"

    Vale, Romulus and the Deneith mercenaires
    Wroat comes into view soon after breaking camp and they make it to the gate mid morning. As they come up to the gates they see 2 men both waiting, one man holding a standard with the chimaera of house Deneith.
    As they approch the man not holding the banner steps forward and addresses Captain Wes
    "I am Captain Emer and this is Lieutenant Kassad, I trust you are Captain Wes? The recruitment officer?"
    "That I am" Captain Wes replied "and these are men are now under your charge." He then turns around
    towards a silent man with a rapier "Lieutenant Alphonse, make sure the new guys don't cause trouble"
    Captain Emer looks at the travel weary mercs "Come with me to enclave, you have a parade this afternoon"
    he turns around and marches off leaving the weary mercs to groan.

    The Fool's Dream, Late morning
    After Wroat is finally sighted by Bronn, the Captain comes out from her cabin to look through a spy glass "Yes, Keep her steady Ash" she goes back to the helm "You're doing fine, but I think it's a little early for you to try landing just yet. Go and get the crew ready"

    Behind the palace in the royal gardens, Later that day
    The King's Swords stood still in full parad dress as his majesty King Boranel ir'Wynarn spoke from atop stairs beside a war monument, dedicated Breland's best and finest entitled 'missing friends' citizens of Wroat stood off to the side eager to hear their King speak. Seven airships hovered close to the ground behind the monument, their crew looking on curiously.

    "Long has this war raged and long has it cost us dear.
    many of our friends and family will not see it end, to no fault of their own they leave us the torch to carry on, in the hopes that they did not die in vain. On this day we welcome new brothers to join us in our fight. Mistake me not, though they may look like machines, they have hearts and wills as strong as any patriot for from this day on Breland is also their homeland.
    I couldn't give them less, for what we ask is for them to carry the torch of hope alongside our brothers of flesh and blood. Many people grow weary of the war, for it is all they have ever known, I for one agree. It is high time that we deal a devastating blow to our enemies and end this war, on this eve we move to join our allies and crush Cyr taking them out of the war once and for all. Both Karnath and Aundair are exhausted and nether can oppose our alliance once Cyr has been dealt with. I give you my word, before I leave this world Breland will know peace."
    As soon as the king ends his speech the a roars from the crowd fills the air in support of the King until he raises his hands. "This crucial assault will be lead by no other than Breland's most capable warrior, here standing beside me my own daughter Princess Borran. Our recently aquired airships will fly them to victory. But before they set off I would like to present our soldiers with a small token." As the soldiers get called to the front in groups, royal artificers afix a pair of golden wings on each left arm. When done they march off towards the airships behind them. First the King's Swords then the Warforge and the King's Wands and the mercenaires last.
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