Korisis Haskal d'Sivis: Artificer Gnome

Kor makes sure to gather his scrolls, placing them across his chest(Rambo-style). On each side of his belt, he places one of the wands, with the Cure light & Magic Missile on his left side for easier acccess. He has written down all his research twice, one copy for his family and house, and one for himself. His personal copy is inside his small notebook in the inner pocket of his suitcoat. The other copy is in his bag, so he can send it via his House's message system.

Once he is packed to leave the ship, he makes one more rounds to look for damage on the ship. The voyage didn't have any combat, nor any obvious means of damaging the ship, so it seems alright. He greeted the Half-Elf, and wasn't suprised to see him steering this morning. That boy has a lot of talent. Kor whistles as he finishes his rounds and then returns to deck, having returned his sample of liquid amunition to the hold.
Were we at the ceremony? I couldn't tell