Kassad Denieth

Kassad stiffens at Emer's remarks. "Yes captain, that's more like it." Let's just hope he's not too observant... Kassad thinks, with a growing sense of unease. "I've never been in freefall captain, but I'll stand fast before whatever comes." Kassad says, trying to hold down any sensations borne from mental instability.

From the moment Kassad and Emer recieve the new troops, Kassad moves through the ranks playing good lieutenant to Emer's more severe position. He makes sure every mercenary is in spit-shine and good polish. His own gear, as would be expected from a noble soldier yet to hit the front, is in impeccable shape. His breastplate shines, every link in the chainmail beneath it is in perfect shape and well oiled. All his leather elements are new and well blacked, and he looks every inch the noble-born Denieth field commander.
As he moves through the group, he tries to impress them and develop a repor, using a diplomacy check, (1d20+11)[29]

He listens to the speech by Boranel, unimpressed. Men fight and men die, and I don't care why. Kassad stands at attention easily, no matter how little he cares. It's a skill he learned years ago in his father's house, a denieth heir who can't listen to a speech is worth nothing.

After the ceremony, he goes through all the mercs, making careful note of everyone. Finally, as the ship is in motion, while the mercs finish a meal he announces to the room, "For those of you who don't remember, I am Lieutenant Kassad Denieth, and I'm your XO. Now, you're going to want to come to me with your problems and issues, Captain Emer has bigger things to worry about than your problems. I suggest you come to me as soon as you have a moment, and we get to know each other all a little better. Carry on, men." Kassad says, trying to apply all the lectures provided him in training back in his long years learning the art of battle leadership.

Here's hoping I don't get them killed, or worse, lose it and kill them.